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The Memory of JFK.

Six Speeches on the Subject of NAWAPA & National Resources

To better understand the significance of NAWAPA 1964, LaRouchePAC presents to you The Memory of JFK, by means of six speeches on the subject of national resources.  In this period of national amnesia, and on the eve of general war to which our nation is being dragged by this same amnesia, remember our last expression of national pride, John F. Kennedy; remember through these films a legacy which is your own, even if you are unaware of that fact.

In this video from the National Archives, President Kennedy continues to emphasize the economic principles of constantly acting toward the next higher step of growth, in order to move ahead in the present.

And now, the Memory of JFK, starting with three speeches from his 1962 trip to the Western United States.

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NAWAPA 1964: Full Movie

‘A Platform for a New Presidency: The Full Recovery Program for the United States’

“Man’s dependency on an adequate supply of fresh water is an indisputable fact. It is equally a fact that there is an insufficiency of such water and that this insufficiency has been particularly felt in the Western United States.  Many efforts have been and are continuing to be made to solve the problem of limited water supply, and although great strides have been achieved, so great is the problem and so important its solution that it now has become imperative that consideration be given to what at one time seemed unachievable proposals.  The time has passed during which this problem can be solved through traditionally local or piece-meal approaches.  The solution must be equal in magnitude to the problem.”

– Senator Frank E. Moss, Chairman, Special Subcommittee on Western Water Development 1964: Audio Transcript

NAWAPA Audio Transcripts

1. Senator Frank Moss

EIR Magazine Volume 12, Number 3, January 15,1985
Listen to this professional transcript reading from an interview with Senator Frank Moss by interviewer Nick Benton where Senator Moss discusses the plan to revive the water from Alaska to make U.S. dry regions flourish.
Frank Moss, a former Democratic senator from Utah, during the 1960s spearheaded the U.S. Senate’s investigation of the feasibility of a plan known as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA),
originally developed by the Ralph Parsons Company of California, for bringing water from Canada and Alaska to the United States.

2. Parsons Engineer Presentation

In this audio our narrator reads from a transcript address by Senator Moss on behalf of the engineering firm Parsons Company in which he presents Parsons Comapny and the NAWAPA concept, including all aspects of concept, feasability, design, construction, economics, time frames and more.  Listen!


Enjoy this interesting audio reading from a transcript covering the topic of the NAWAPA XXI ACT.  This is an ACT to bring a vast untapped source of water for the agricultural, industrial and municipal needs to the Great American desert area of North America, and construct such a system of water management as will be of great benerfit to all three nations, the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

NAWAPA XXI:  Animated Project Overview

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