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On November 22, 1963, I was in Los Altos California, and I had just finished my scenery construction 101 class at Foothill Community College, when the school’s public address system announced that our President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (we commonly referred to him by his initials JFK) had been shot in Dallas, Texas.  In the ‘blink of an eye’ our great Nation had lost our beloved Commander In Chief.  But his message lives on. I know JFK’s inspirational New Frontier Inaugural Speech lives on in my heart, and we should never ever forget his Six Living Legacy Speeches.

My Mother, who was born in Los Banos, California was a very proud daughter of Basque legal emigrants.   I remember my Mother’s excitement in late August, 1962 when she read from the newspaper JFK’s speech, on the occasion of his Dedication of the San Luis Reservoir in Los Banos.   That’s also when I heard for the first time, and from my Mother, Mark Twain’s quote “Whiskey is for Drinking, Water is For Fighting”, which has deeply influenced who I am today.

I was 19 years old at the time and I didn’t have a clue what my life’s mission would turn out to be. Over the years as I have travelled and gone diving exploring the world’s depths, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for all waters; the oceans, lakes, reservoirs and water life.  It became self evident over time that I had to take action as I had a responsibility to protect our water resources from all threats from fire to politics to mismanagement, and that though change is inevitable, survival is not!

But it wasn’t until that fateful day of September 11, 2001 when our Nation faced extreme Islamist terrorist attacks, that I realized what my life mission really is, and what I must do every day to give back to this great country; to fight to preserve our freedoms and way of life.  My passion and dedication has only increased since that day, and with every passing day I am even more committed to do whatever I can to protect our waters from all threats, whether natural or human.

Since 2008, neither President Obama nor Secretary Hillary Clinton have demonstrated that they can be trusted to fulfill their Oath of Office, or that they are capable of providing the essential presidential leadership needed to protect the People of the United States from radical Islamic terrorist organizations and foreign threats.  As you explore this site you will find not just my views supporting why presidential nominee Donald Trump can make America great again, but the views and supporting evidence of others that he is in fact the better qualified leader, to execute the grand scale projects and infrastructure North America needs to lead us all into a secure and prosperous, water and energy abundant 21st century.


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What’s App?  Watershed Modeling & Technology

They Got An App for That!

Have you ever heard of watershed management software and apps?  They are used to create watershed management simulations and virtual hydro-logic models, that can be used to model water quantity, water quality and much more. Just so you know, Watershed Management is the comprehensive process, of land and water use practices, to improve on and protect the water quality and other natural watershed resources.

These amazing Software Apps also support river, hydraulic and storm drain models.  Engineers, developers and contractors use hydro-logic modeling tools for delineating watershed boundaries, computing water run-off, and for visualizing 2D and 3D watershed models in every scenario imaginable.  We at WFFPAC have nothing to do with these Apps or companies, but are excited to share with you these technologies as they are part of the solution to win the Fight for Water.

So let’s dive right in and explore the main software App that the industry employs in watershed planning.

Watershed Management Systems (WMS)

For the needs of urban and rural watershed development, planners generally use the app Watershed Management Systems (WMS), which was initially developed by the Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory and funded primarily by the EPA.  WMS is now developed by a private company Aquaveo and has been used for a multitude of projects for research and development, from the planning of Olympic games to generating computer simulations of terrorist attacks on water infrastructures.  We assume NAWAPA planners utilize these amazing tools as well.

Check Out The WMS App!


Hydro-BID is a Washington DC based organization developing an open-source, water resource modeling tool application to enhance planning for integrated water resource management, and to find solutions for infrastructure primarily in the Latin and Caribbean region.  With Hydo-Bid people can model data into scenarios such as water volumes, flow, run-off, land use, population and climate change, so to assess the impact of these factors over time, on a region.  This tool and others like it allow us to anticipate factors that allow for adaptive projects and design changes in response to these changes.

Check Out Hydro-Bid App!

Take Control of Your Water Bill!

How would you like to get a leak alert on your phone that the kids left the hose on at home? So many things can affect your water usage, and Dropcountr HOME helps you to understand your water usage and track the water you use. Check out this awesome free APP.  We all do what we can to conserve water, and this handy tool helps us even more! The Dropcountr app helps you make small everyday changes that add up to money and water saved, and there is no special meter needed either!  Just download the free App.  Also ask your local water provider if they recommend an App; They may already have one for you as many water municipalities offer them, from Concord CA… to Atlanta GA.

Read More About the FREE Dropcountr App!

Alan Anthony Beaven

Radio Interview with Oscar from 2007, sharing stories of both personal and historical interest, with special tribute to CWP co-founder Alan Beaven.

Alan Anthony Beaven was a co-founder of the California Watershed Posse, was our “Clean Water Act” legal counsel, and a friend.  Alan had an extraordinary passion for the protection of the Bay Area’s water quality, and a fearless drive to help protect our Nation’s natural watershed systems.   He was a deeply devoted husband and father.

On September 11th 2001, Alan Beaven was a passenger on Flight 93.   We are grateful to Alan and will always remember his contributions.

A Living Memorial Dedicated to the Victims of 9/11

On the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the NYC Schiller Institute Chorus participated in a series of performances of the Mozart Requiem as a living memorial dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and its aftermath.

Published on Sep 20, 2016

Water For Fighting Political Action Committee Newsletter

“Water is to me, I confess, a phenomenon which continually awakens new feelings of wonder as often as I view it.”
Michael Faraday, Scientist
“A woman is like a tea bag, you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”
Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady
“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”
Lao Tzu, Philosopher
“Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.”
W. C. Fields, Comedian
“Music itself is going to become like running water…”
David Bowie, Singer Songwriter
“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.”
Sigmund Freud, Psychologist
“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci, Artist Inventor
“You’ll notice that Nancy Reagan never drinks water when Ronnie speaks.”
Robin Williams, Comedian and Actor
“You can’t trust water. Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.”
W. C. Fields, Comedian
“You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be led.”
Stan Laurel, Actor Comedian
“I bought some instant water one time but I didn’t know what to add to it.”
Steven Wright, Comedian
“Take a course in good water and air… and in the eternal youth of nature you may renew your own.”
John Muir, Conservationist
“It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.”
Dan Quayle, Vice President
“Just a drop of water in an endless sea.”
Kansas, Dust In The Wind
“A ripple in still water, when there is no pebble tossed, nor wind to blow.
Jerry Garcia, Singer Songwriter
“It’s a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water.”
Franklin P. Jones, American Journalist
“Except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”
Jesus Christ, of Nazareth
“Marriage is like a game of chess except the board is flowing water, the pieces are made of smoke and no move you make will have any effect on the outcome.”
Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian
“Water, air and cleanliness are the chief articles in my pharmacy.”
Napoleon Boneparte, French Emperor
“Water is the only drink for a wise man.”
Henry David Thoreau, Philosopher, Poet, Journalist
“I know, shinin’ down like water. I want to know, have you ever seen the rain?
John Fogerty, Creedence Clearwater Revival
“All this *$^@… like I’m a &#$% in Water. Whip me like a *$%^*#…!”
O.T. Genasis, American Rapper
“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Short Story Writer and Novelist
“If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read, ‘President Can’t Swim’.”
Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. President
“The water that you touch is the last of what has passed, and the first of that which comes, so with present time.”
Leonardo da Vinci, Inventor Artist
“Water is the new oil.”
T. Boone Pickens, American Business Magnate